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Benefits of Yoga

At Aayu, we believe wellness comes from a combination of healthy lifestyle and healthy activity — and that’s why we recommend getting involved in yoga. Through regular yoga practice, you may be able to improve your health, combat illness, increase flexibility and more.

Consider some of the key health benefits of yoga below:

  • Increased flexibility: The more you practice yoga health and fitness, the more limber your muscles become. You find you can stretch farther and longer without discomfort, with looser muscles and reduced aches and pains.
  • Increased muscle strength: Yoga builds strength and flexibility, which means stronger muscles that are more resistant to sprains as well as conditions like arthritis.
  • More energy: Not only does activity increase energy, but also there are specific yoga poses designed to boost energy, from Savasana to relax the body to the spinal flex to release blocked energy in the spine.
  • Increased blood flow: Yoga’s relaxation exercises improve circulation, helping to oxygenate your cells, move blood throughout the body, and reduce the risk of blood clots.
  • Greater immunity: Movement helps your lymph system drain, making it better able to fight infections, eliminate toxins, and keep you well.
  • Reduced weight: Slimming yoga poses can burn calories and speed the metabolism over time, making yoga great for weight loss, too.
  • Lower blood pressure: Taking part in yoga two or three times a week is associated with lowered blood pressure readings for many patients.
  • Improved heart health: Yoga has been shown to improve heart condition, lower the resting heart rate, and boost overall endurance.
  • Better bone health: Because yoga involves many poses where you bear your weight, it strengthens your bones in the process. Stronger bones are more resistant to osteoporosis and various types of fractures.
  • Relieved back or neck pain: Through breathing techniques, relaxation strategies and stretches associated with yoga, people can find help for ongoing back or neck pain.
  • Better sleep: Studies suggest that regular yoga practice leads to deeper sleep; perhaps because of the way it releases tensions and stresses.
  • Improved concentration: One of yoga’s most foundational principles is focusing on the present, which may be why the effect of yoga on mental health means improved memory, focus and even IQ scores over time.
  • A more positive outlook: Exercise tends to make people feel better mentally — and that’s especially true with yoga. People who practice yoga are at a lower risk for depression and tend to show greater levels of happiness.
  • Regulated adrenals: Not only does yoga reduce stress, but it also may reduce levels of the body’s stress hormone, cortisol. Over time, this can mean more regulated adrenals.

The long list of potential benefits from yoga only continues, from help with infertility to relief from joint pain. Are you ready to see how it can help your body? Come experience the benefits of yoga firsthand by visiting our weekly complimentary classes, open to the public and geared toward all experience levels.

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