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One in five Americans report visiting emergency room at least once in 2011

ER-Sign1 in 5 Americans went at least once to the ED for emergent care 

In 2011, 20 percent of U.S. adults reported at least one emergency room visit in the past year, and 7 percent reported two or more visits, according to Health, United States, 2012, the government’s annual, comprehensive report on American’s health.  The 36th annual report is now available at the CDC National Center for Health Statistics page.

U.S. Population, 2012 est. 313.8 million (US census bureau)

  • Number of visits Emergency Department: 129.8 million

  • Number of injury-related E.D. visits: 37.9 million

  • Number of Emergency Department visits per 100 persons: 42.8

*Source CDC FastStats



ED utilization incurs a cost burden both to the consumer (the patient) and society.  We are a clinic that endeavors to offer a high quality, affordable alternate to the Emergency Department for most illnesses that can be managed outside a high-acuity ED


Highlights of this year’s special section on emergency care include:

  • During 2001 through 2011, both children under age 18 and adults aged 18–64 with Medicaid coverage were more likely than uninsured Americans and those with private insurance coverage to have at least one emergency room visit in the past year.
  • In 2009–2010, cold symptoms were the most common reason for emergency room visits by children (27 percent), and injuries were the most common reason for visits by adults (14 percent.)
  • Between 2000 and 2010, 35 percent of emergency room visits included an x-ray, while the use of advanced imaging scans (CT or MRI) increased from 5 percent to 17 percent of visits.
  • In 2009–2010, 81 percent of emergency department visits were discharged for follow-up care as needed, 16 percent ended with the patient being admitted to the hospital, 2 percent ended with the patient leaving without completing the visit, and less than 1 percent ended in the patient’s death.
  • In 2009–2010, 59 percent of emergency department visits (excluding hospital admissions) included at least one drug prescribed at discharge.
  • During 2001-2011, the percentage of persons with at least one emergency department visit in the past year was stable at 20 percent to 22 percent, and the percentage of persons reporting two or more visits was stable at 7 percent to 8 percent.


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