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Seasonal Allergy Injections & Immunotherapy

As anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies could tell you, the sniffling, sneezing, itching, wheezing and related symptoms associated with certain times of the year are incredibly frustrating.

The good news is that you don’t have to face these issues without help — at our clinic, we’ll give you the support you need to lessen your discomfort and manage your allergies more effectively. Your allergy specialist can collaborate with other health professionals in order to accomplish the most beneficial, cost-effective health care services possible.

Allergic Reactions

Whether you have itchy eyes or trouble breathing, an allergic reaction can occur at any time, not just the first time you’re exposed to a new food or substance. Because your immune system is highly complex, finding the best way to respond to a mild or serious allergic reaction isn’t always obvious.

With the help of a Chicago allergy specialist at our office, you learn how best to deal with symptoms and what treatments and/or medications can be most effective. Along with a wide range of other health care services, we offer allergy and immunology care catered to you.

Poison Ivy Rash

Contact with poison ivy can happen so quickly and easily — but the side effects, which may begin just hours after exposure, cause all kinds of lingering discomfort. When you’re dealing with red, itchy, swollen skin or painful blisters that you think were caused by poison ivy, come to our clinic for treatment. An allergist can determine the severity of your rash and provide treatment options for dealing with it.

About AAYU Clinics

Located conveniently in the heart of the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, AAYU Clinics relies on a patient-centric philosophy of care that makes each patient our top priority. Rather than rushing appointments, we take the time to meet with each individual, addressing questions, providing treatments and monitoring ongoing progress.

Because we offer care for all kinds of commonly treated conditions, we’re able to help individuals with everything from allergy and immunology care to anxiety issues and pediatric needs. Our office is easy to access every day by CTA train, bus or car, and we have a free parking garage available next door.

If you’re dealing with any kind of allergic reaction, from a nut allergy to a poison ivy rash, come see us! Our team is here to provide the personalized, convenient care you need. Feel free to walk in without an appointment or call us at 773-227-3669 to make an appointment.

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