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What Is an Anxiety Attack?

Anxiety attacks and panic attacks can strike at home or in public, and sometimes with little or no warning. Many of the physical symptoms of an anxiety attack are usually similar from one person to the next, and it’s best not to just dismiss physical symptoms of severe anxiety, as they could signify that you suffer from a generalized anxiety or panic disorder. Don’t hesitate to consult our physician if you experience the following anxiety physical symptoms, especially if they happen simultaneously or in quick succession:

  • Chest pains
  • Excessive sweating
  • Palpitations
  • Dry mouth
  • Racing thoughts
  • Lightheadedness

Talking to your doctor

There’s no way you can arrange to have an anxiety attack that our physician can witness, but pay close attention to any anxiety symptoms you experience before the appointment, and make sure you discuss them in detail with the doctor. If you have a history of mental illness or trauma, bring any documents you have regarding this, so the staff can be aware of the specifics of your condition.

Treating an anxiety attack

When you’re having an anxiety attack, it might feel like the world is closing in on you; it might feel as though you will never find relief, but our office can help you become familiar with what helps anxiety dissipate for you. Our knowledgeable physicians can prescribe medication, and familiarize you with other resources that may help you cope with your disorder. Here are a few effective methods we may use to help you address symptoms:

  • Anti-depressants
  • Anti-anxiety medications
  • Meditation
  • Natural supplements
  • Focused breathing methods
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • If you go into full panic mode, remember to breathe slowly and call a friend to help you calm down.

How to Prevent Anxiety Attacks

The ideal anxiety disorder treatment is to stop an attack before it starts. Once you start taking medicine or integrating a self-care routine, you’ll be better equipped to understand how to prevent anxiety attacks. One easy way is to cultivate a less-stressful atmosphere in your everyday life. Our staff will help you determine what suits your lifestyle and personal mental health goals, but here are a few quick ways to relax throughout the week:

  • Practice yoga
  • Take frequent walks
  • Drink less caffeine
  • Reduce alcohol and tobacco intake

Extended evening and weekend hours make Aayu Clinics – Lakeview Immediate Care a convenient place to drop by after work to consult the physician regarding medicine or therapy. Remember, it’s easy to confuse an anxiety attack with a more serious physical problem, so if you have any doubt, head to the emergency room first. You can always follow up with us afterward to have our professional physician provide you with extended mental health resources.

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