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What is exactly in my pill?

Are you allergic or sensitive to lactose or gluten?  This may be used to fill and bind pills.  Ask your pharmacist to verify the ingredients in the product you receive. Or you can go to DailyMed, which has a searchable database of package inserts. Although they’re written for health-care professionals, not consumers, they can be helpful. You can usually skip to the section of the package insert titled “Description” to find the list of inactive ingredients.

At DailyMed you can also find out if your medication is available as a generic. If you know the drug’s active ingredient, search using that; search results with multiple manufacturers indicate the generic is probably available. (If you don’t know the name of a drug’s active ingredient, search by proprietary (brand) name to find it.)

Lactose or gluten may be used to fill and bind pills.  If you are allergic or sensitive to either, check the database or ask your pharmacist to verify ingredients.



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